New Goals for a New Year

New Goals for a New Year

Happy New Year!

As you may have noticed I haven’t blogged in over 6 months….I have struggled to find the time to do so due to my crazy schedule while I attend school full-time.  Well, thats about to change!

My New Years resolution is to blog more often, much more often, and make this blog about you, my loyal readers who kept checking back for new content every day.

I plan to refocus this blog and make it a place where active duty mothers can come to find information about not just breastfeeding in the military, but also about parenting issues.  I want to make it a place where I can answer your questions and concerns, post reviews on books and keep you up-to-date on news of interest to mothers and mothers-to-be serving in the military.

With that said, is there an issue that you’re dying to talk about or questions you’d like answered?  Hit me up with an email at bicb (at) and we’ll get this blog rolling!

EDITED 1/6/12—>  Here is a link to a survey where you leave me feedback on what you’d like to see on the Blog and/or website!

P.S.  Thanks for sticking with me and reading this blog!

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