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Guest Post: The Breastfeeding Shop

Breastfeeding Shop
Patty, Owner of the Breastfeeding Shop

Hi! I am the proud owner of The Breastfeeding Shop! I am a mom of 2 little boys, an entrepreneur and a supporter of breastfeeding. Put those things together and The Breastfeeding Shop was born!
I have always been a working mom, and I had to go back to work after baby #1 was born after three months of maternity leave and although I love working, leaving my baby was pretty tough, and I cried the entire day! I remember pumping in my car up and down the highway, I did get a lot of milk that way, but nonetheless, it was pretty stressful. Baby #2 came, and although still sad to go back to work, it got a little easier. I had the same breast pump from baby #1, and still pumped up and down the highway! My point in mentioning this is although my kids are still young, the technology in breast pumps have come a long way!

I opened The Breastfeeding Shop in February of 2015, and my little store is so much fun! I get to meet amazing new moms all day and see their new babies! Could life get any better? We get a lot of support from our local community – and I love that! We are currently located in Pennsylvania and accept many insurances. When I heard that Tricare was going to cover breast pumps, I immediately got excited, as I not only have family members who served in the Military, but I have tremendous respect for the men and women, along with their families, who serve and support The United States of America.

My goal as a mom and breast pump supplier is to not only provide as much as possible for the moms but to educate them on what exactly is available to them via their insurance. Many companies just take an order and send whatever they feel is best – without taking the mom’s situation into consideration. I think we all have different needs. Someone might need different size flanges, a more portable pump because of being active duty or whatever the case might be – I try to HELP the moms get whatever is best for them and address their individual needs. I think that makes us unique in our efforts -I have an amazing team of moms who have all breastfed – and we try out the pumps, compare them and test their effectiveness, etc. I take it very seriously, and my goal is to have moms have a successful breastfeeding experience.

Tricare has been amazing, and I am grateful to be a provider for them. I have been told several times that we provide more than other companies out there, which I actually love to hear, and that is always my goal. I am always open to suggestions and am totally here to help. We are very active on social media and try to have some great educational material on our website as well as on Facebook.

Thank you for all of your support, it means so much to me and thank you for reading this blog post. A special thank you to Robyn for graciously posting and for the incredible support she provides! Don’t forget to mention this blog post in the comments section of our super easy to use breast pump order form: and receive a complimentary hands-free pumping bra in the month of April and May (please include your size).
Kindest, Patty


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