Miss Military Mom Launches T-Shirt Line

mmmcollage2Breastfeeding at work provides challenges for every nursing mother, but nursing military moms face additional obstacles with the regulation uniforms required for all active duty personnel.  Miss Military Mom, a company founded by a new mother serving in the US Armed Forces, recently launched a line of breastfeeding T-shirts for nursing mothers in the military who struggle to quickly and efficiently nurse their infants or pump breast milk while wearing their uniform.

“I wanted to create a practical, time-saving solution for women serving in the US Armed Forces who are mothers to young children.” said Kenisha Heath, Founder of Miss Military Mom. “As a Lt Colonel in the United States Air Force who just recently had a baby in 2014, I was floored by the inconvenient and largely exposing process I had to go through to simply breast feed my daughter.”  She goes on to say, “Understanding the many benefits of breastfeeding, I was determined to nurse her exclusively. This was relatively simple at home as the civilian clothing industry offers a vast array of nursing apparel.” said Kenisha. “When I returned to work, however, I understood just how challenging it could be to nurse or pump in uniform. The Airman’s Battle Uniform (ABU), which I wore daily, required me to unfasten the multiple buttons to remove the overcoat, then lift the t-shirt completely from my belted pants and above my breast exposing my postpartum belly. I felt like I essentially had to be naked from the waist up to nurse my daughter or pump for her while in uniform. I wondered why the military had not created a nursing shirt that would simplify the process so I decided to create one myself. I took an ABU t-shirt to my seamstress and had her create a lift-up panel below the breast. I wore it with my ABUs and was amazed at how much it simplified my nursing experience. It was convenient, easy, quick and allowed me a greater degree of privacy. I am a Family Medicine Physician and for over 13 years I’ve delivered countless babies, and cared for both moms, babies, and children. I’ve been able to hear first-hand accounts of the struggles of motherhood from our Airman and am excited to bring a solution forth that helps in one small aspect of their work life.” With this idea, Miss Military Mom was created to simplify the lives of military mothers with young children.

The U.S. Military has specific clothing guidelines that require active duty members to wear authorized Miss Military Momuniform items, but a breastfeeding shirt is not provided as part of the official attire. Miss Military Mom has filled this need by making a nursing T-shirt completely compatible with the combat uniform, featuring a lift up panel under the breast that allows quick, easy, and discrete nursing or pumping during the work day. It features a criss-cross flap design under the lift up panel, that easily allows for two flanges for double pumping or one nursing child. The T-shirt is available in the regulation color with a crew-neck collar identical to the regular military uniform T-shirt and is made of a super soft cotton material with a slight amount of spandex for stretch. It washes in cold or warm water, tumble dry, and wears well with little to no wrinkling. The workmanship on the shirts is excellent, the stitching is tight, and it looks as though it will hold up well under normal everyday wear in the military environment. **Disclamer – BFinCB received complimentary t-shirts for review**

Miss Military Mom’s Breastfeeding T-shirt makes it acceptable and convenient for nursing moms on duty to provide for their beloved young ones, as the shirts are compatible with the Airman’s Battle Uniform (ABU) as well as the Army Combat Uniform (ACU).  Pre-orders are now being accepted for the shirts compatible to wear with the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) and the army’s new Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP).  These will be available for general sales in mid-May along with a version in the colors white and black. “We should be able to provide the very best for our children without jeopardizing our productivity or commitment to work,” said Kenisha. “I am proud to have created a cost-effective and incredibly efficient breast feeding T-shirt to help nursing military moms.”

For more information, visit: https://www.missmilitarymom.com/.

Miss Military Mom and Breastfeeding in Combat Boots have teamed up together this Memorial Day weekend to provide military breastfeeding mothers with the support they need to be successful at breastfeeding while serving in the military.  Enter the giveaway (Memorial Day Giveaway) by May 30th and 3 lucky winners will receive a Miss Military Mom t-shirt (your choice of color) and a BFinCB water bottle (pink or clear). Winners will be announced May 31st (CONGRATULATIONS to: Kristy T., Cheyenne R., and Nicola B.).  In addition Miss Military Mom will send a small donation to BFinCB with every order, to further advocate, inform and support all military mothers who are Giving the Breast for Baby and Country.

Do you have one of Miss Military Mom’s t-shirts?  Is this something you would use on a regular basis?  Do you think the military ought to issue these as part of the maternity uniform?  Leave a comment below.  

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  1. This is the coolest thing ever. I can’t wait to buy a few. I just started work again and was thinking id have to wear a tank to top under my t shirt to not feel so exposed. Being Savannah, GA another layer during summer is just awful. I can’t wait to share this with my postpartum and pregnancy PT friends! The military should definitely offer these for saw. More mamas would breastfeed if given the right tools and support.

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