January Sponsor: The Breastfeeding Shop

Sponsor: The Breastfeeding Shop

Mom2Mom Global and Breastfeeding in Combat Boots are pleased to share this information about our sponsor of the month, The Breastfeeding Shop.  If you are interested in learning about our sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.
“Where do I get my breastpump?”  This is probably the most common question we hear from pregnant and new parents in Mom2Mom Chapters, at Breastfeeding in Combat Boots, and in MTFs around the world.  Since Tricare began covering one new breastpump per birth event at no cost for all beneficiaries, no one wants to miss out on this benefit.
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Per Tricare policy, there are basically two ways to purchase pumps: either directly from a retailer (such as the Exchange, or Amazon.com), or from a Durable Medical Equipment company, or DME.  Purchasing from a retailer gets you the pump immediately, since you go to the store and buy it, but then you have to file your claim with Tricare and wait for reimbursement.  Obtaining a pump through a DME means no out of pocket expenses for you.
The Breastfeeding Shop, our sponsor of the month, is a DME that specializes in providing breastpumps for Tricare beneficiaries.  We’re all about peer support, so we want to share with you what other military parents have to say: 
Outstanding customer service, a wide selection of pumps, and fast and reliable shipping, even to overseas duty stations make The Breastfeeding Shop the go-to recommendation for military families. And they take care of billing Tricare directly, which means NO out of pocket costs or filing for reimbursement!
For questions about Choosing a Breastpump, Breastpump Cleaning Guidelines, and other great information, make sure to check our Handouts section.  Find out more about ordering a pump at The Breastfeeding Shop website, and follow them on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.  Have you used a DME to order your Tricare-covered pump?  What was your experience?

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