Being a breastfeeding mother in the military means having to leave on deployments.  Need gouge on how to pump in the field or ship your milk home?  Or do you need to wean in a hurry? The information in this section is meant to give you the tools to make your FTX, TAD/TDY or overseas deployment manageable and offer you ways to either keep breastfeeding or wean as your circumstances demand.


Field Training

Going out on Field Training Exercises?  Need some gouge on how pump in the field?  This is the place to find it.



Being sent overseas?  Want to continue providing your breastmilk to your baby? Here are some tips and techniques for making it happen.



Being sent to school or training does not fall under the deferment from deployment, so you’ll need to know how to manage pumping while you are on the road.



Sent to the ship?  Need to know how to pump and deal with General Quarters drills and where to store your milk?  Find that info in this section.


Shipping Milk

Here is where you can find information on how to pack and ship your milk home whether it is from the States or overseas.



Information on how to wean, whether it is abrupt, gradual, partial or temporary.


The information on these pages are adapted from my book, “Breastfeeding in Combat Boots: A Survival Guide to Successful Breastfeeding While Serving in the Military”.

For more information on each topic, please consider buying the book.

Disclaimer: All of the articles on this website were written for educational purposes and are not meant to diagnose or treat any disorders.    
Please see a qualified health care professional if you are concerned about your or your baby’s health.

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To create a community where military mothers can share experiences, find information, and offer support in order to successfully breastfeed their babies while serving in the military.

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BFinCB is committed to advocating, educating, and supporting all breastfeeding personnel serving in the military.

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