In The Field

Going back on duty in the military while continuing to breastfeed has its share of challenges. This section provides information on how to make that transition easier, with tips for talking to your supervisor, checklists and pumping plans; as well as information on breastfeeding in uniform, HAZMAT, PT and other unique workplace challenges that only exist in the military.


Breastfeeding in Uniform

Questions about breastfeeding in uniform?  Concerned about maintaining good order and discipline?  Find some answers to this thorny issue here.


First Days Back

Tips for making your first days back a bit easier, including a sample pumping plan and checklist of items you will need for the workplace or in the field.


It’s Not All or Nothing

Think you can’t breastfeed because of your work schedule and/or lack of place and time to pump, so why even bother starting?  Are you ready to throw in the towel?  Here is a breakdown of how to best combine breastfeeding and formula feeding to make it work for you.  Remember, it is not all or nothing-any breastfeeding is better than none!



Does your MOS/rating involve exposure to hazardous materials?  Find the information you need on HAZMAT exposure and breastfeeding in the military to make an informed decision here.


Making Plans With Your Command

Talking to your supervisor can be difficult, especially when it comes to the B-word.  This section contains tips to make that talk easier, reasons why your command should support you and some PDF documents you can print out to bolster your case.


PT & Weight Standards

Worried about passing the PFA/PRT?  Need help with losing those last few pounds without weaning?  Find all the info you need on safely combining breastfeeding with exercise and diet to help you stay in shape and maintain military readiness.



The information on these pages are adapted from my book, “Breastfeeding in Combat Boots: A Survival Guide to Successful Breastfeeding While Serving in the Military”.

For more information on each topic, please consider buying the book.

Disclaimer: All of the articles on this website were written for educational purposes and are not meant to diagnose or treat any disorders.    
Please see a qualified health care professional if you are concerned about your or your baby’s health.

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