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Breastfeeding your baby after your return to duty?

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Welcome to Breastfeeding in Combat Boots – the Internet home for any and all information about breastfeeding in the military.  Many women like you have decided to take on the challenge of combining motherhood and the military and that includes doing what is best for yourself and your baby by breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding is the normal way to feed your baby, not only does it optimize your baby’s physical and mental growth and development, but it also benefits your health as well.  Breastfeeding your baby while serving in the armed forces can be one of the most fulfilling, yet demanding times in your life.  Unlike your civilian counterparts you will have to learn to manage the impact that breastfeeding and military life have on each other.  This isn’t an easy combination, but it will be well worth it, for yourself and your baby.

Why Work and Pump in the Military?  By continuing to breastfeed after you return to duty, you will:

  • Give your baby the best nutrition possible: Your Milk!
  • Save money
  • Make breastfeeding when you are together possible
  • Miss less work because your breastfed baby is sick less often
  • Provide a closeness and bonding that only you two share, even when you are apart
  • Get back in shape faster for the PFT
  • Avoid the health risks associated with formula
  • Remain a committed Airman, Marine, Sailor or Soldier

While breastfeeding and employment are covered in many books and websites, none cover the unique circumstances and demands that accompany breastfeeding while on active duty. The award-winning book, Breastfeeding in Combat Boots:  A Survival Guide to Breastfeeding Successfully While Serving in the Military, and this website will fill that void and provide you with insight into both the rewarding and wonderful aspects of breastfeeding on active duty, but also give you a realistic look at the challenges that lay ahead for you.  The book and website have been created to offer a practical and field-tested guide that will help military mothers from all branches of the armed forces find the information and support to successfully breastfeed with confidence. Is it possible to work full time on active duty and still be there to nurture and nurse your baby? YES! Except for some very unusual circumstances, with a little preparation, a “can do” attitude and some creativity, it is possible to breastfeed on while serving in the military and give the benefits of breastfeeding to yourself and your baby.

Come on in, take off your boots and have a look around the website. 

  • Check out the FAQ section for answers to the most often asked questions, including the Military Policies for each branch of the Armed Forces.
  • Go to the Basic Training, Deployments, In the Field and Pumping Basics sections for in-depth information.
  • Visit the Handouts page for PDF versions of the most common topics.
  • Go to the Resources section for links to helpful books and websites.
  • Visit the Blog for updated news and information.
  • Take a look at the Book page for articles and awards the book has received, the Events page for upcoming presentations, and Press Room for articles that BFinCB has been featured in.
  • Order your copy of the book **Now AVAILABLE for the Kindle and Nook**
  • Visit the Store and buy a BFinCB Challenge Coin, T-shirt, or water bottle for yourself or a co-worker to celebrate your success at breastfeeding while serving in the military.

Make this your go-to resource for information and support for breastfeeding your baby while you serve your country!

This is not an official DoD website and is neither affiliated nor endorsed by the DoD. 
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